FBGallery: Facebook settings and setup

To connect the FBGallery plugin to Facebook you will need to first create an app on Facebook, this should not take more than a couple of minutes to do.

First make sure you are logged into Facebook then go to the following URL https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click on Create New App. You should see the following screen.


The only field you need to fill in is App Name then click on Continue and you should see something similar to this

You will need to fill in the App Domain file with the domain of your site, and the Site URL with the URL of your website, meaning the website where you will be using the FBGallery plugin. You will need to copy the App ID and App Secret which you will need for the next step. Click Save Changes and your App will be created. The next page will tell you that it will take a few minutes for the App to be available.

Now login to the wordpress admin control panel of your web site. If you have not already done so activate the FBGallery plugin. Click on the Settings link to expand it. You should now see a FBGallery Settings option. Click on the FBGallery Settings option which should cause the FBGallery Settings to be displayed. There are a number of options that can be set, for the purpose of setting up Facebook connectivity we will only be discussing the first section shown below.

Fill on the URL of the Facebook profile,page or group whose albums you will be retrieving. Then fill in the Facebook App ID and App Secret you copied when you created your App earlier. Click Save Changes and the page should look like this

If you see the screen above, you have successfully authorised your account and setup is complete.

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