BP Gallery v1.2.6-RC1 available for download

BP Gallery v1.2.6-RC1 is available for download. This is Realease Candidate 1 and is still being tested before final release. The main changes

  • New Look and feel of the gallery and image pages, to give them a cleaner look and incorporate feedback from users.
  • Language translation now loads correctly though only for Spanish so far.
  • Short code gallery display allows you to display, Latest, Updated, Popular, Group and Public galleries on a page.
  • Like/unlike and comment available on individual photos as well as albums.
  • The addition of Public Galleries, these are galleries were all members on the site can contribute, with the added option of making them anonymous.
  • Fixed issues with photo tagging

Short code to display album example bpa-album type=latest type values = latest, updated, group, public, popular

bp-gallery v1.26-RC1


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